Monday, January 30, 2023

John Singer Sargent in Spain

I toured this exhibit with various of my children a few months ago but never got around the writing the review I had planned.

It was ok, but sadly it was missing the real masterpiece that emerged from Sargent's time in Spain, El Jaleo (1882).

There I am.

La Carmencita, 1890

I love Sargent's sketches of medieval architecture.

While in Spain Sargent did several paintings of poor Roma people, which at the time was a liberal thing to do, but now raises eyebrows because he didn't get their consent or solicit their input. So the organizers of the exhibit went out and did it, and these painting come with lots of statements from Roma people about how happy and proud these paintings make them. Such is art in the modern world.

White Ships, 1908


David said...

Lovely pictures. All very Andalucían. (See what I did there? I showed what a Hispanist I am by spelling "Andalusian" that way.) Was there an indication as to where the medieval architecture is from? (I'm not so much of a Hispanist that I can immediately recognize it as the "Burgos west frontal auxiliar" or whatever.)

John said...


David said...

He visited Catalunya! Nifty. (See what I did there? I showed . . . well, you get the idea.)

David said...

Google is doing that "click all the pictures with buses" thing again. Which is annoying, because it means we're providing free labor for their automatic driving AI.