Monday, January 16, 2023

Jenaro Pérez de Villaamil y d'Huguet

Jenaro Pérez de Villaamil y d'Huguet (1807 – 1854) was a Spanish Romantic painter. He interests me partly because you will very rarely see a complete image of any of his paintings, but little snippets of his work are all over the place. The one above was the banner image from an exhibit of Spanish romanticism that toured Europe a few years ago.

A typical painting looks something like this.

But you are much more likely to find something like this online, with the busy foreground removed and only the vague, looming background left.

View of Toledo from the Cross of the Canons.

And details.

Seville Cathedral.

And details.

So let's just dispense with whole paintings and see some of the details that fascinate.

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