Tuesday, April 20, 2021

To Fly on Another World

Just a little hop, but still amazing.

The deniers are already at it; I've received multiple links to posts claiming it must be a hoax, since there just isn't enough air on Mars to support flight. But there is, and we can.


G. Verloren said...

So do the deniers somehow claim that the roughly 0.020 kg/m^3 atmospheric density is simply too low to allow flight? (Nevermind that the Soviets set the general aviation altitude record in even lower atmospheric densities here on earth back in 1977 using the brutish MiG-25 [constructed of steel rather than alumninum, with an empty weight of 20 tonnes]...)

Or are they instead pulling a "flat earth" and saying that The Scientists™ are simply lying to us about how dense the Martian atmosphere REALLY is, and inflating the numbers, for mysterious and unknowable (but surely terribly sinister) reasons?

Cripes, it hurts my head just entertaining these ideas in the most abstract sense. How are these people this stupid? It's a wonder they can tie their shoes and avoid choking to death on their breakfast cereal.

Anonymous said...

I think they have real problems just trying to blow snot.