Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Egyptian Figurines

Red jasper duck amulet.

Frog amulet, faience

Hippopotamus head weight, 1549-1296 BCE.

Baboon, 3100 to 2650 BCE

Dog, 664 to 332 BCE.

Hedgehog, faience, 1294-1279 BCE

Jerboas, 1850 to 1640 BCE. These are so cute I would suspect fraud, except that they are in the Met.

Bear, steatite, 664-332 BCE.

Fly, 1500 to 1070 BCE.

Glass fish, 664 to 332 BCE.

Cat, 664-332 BCE.

Antelope head, Memphis, 525 to 404 BCE.

And another cat, 2nd millennium BCE.


G. Verloren said...

The bear figurine intrigues me. Would it be of an Atlas Bear, do you think?

John said...

No idea. For kings to have menageries was already well-established by the Assyrian period, so maybe some Assyrian or Persian king traveled his dominions with brown and black bears in tow, along with lions and leopards.