Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Visit to the Anacostia Waterfront

Yesterday I had a meeting with a client down on Washington's Anacostia waterfront, which has been transformed in the 15 years I have been working there. Not so long ago much of it looked like this; that's a picture I took in 2011.

Now it looks like this, a gleaming extension of downtown Washington. Between the new baseball stadium to the south and the old Navy Yard on the north, there are or will be about a thousand new condominiums, dozens of stores, enough office space for thousands of workers, and so on. No forests were cleared or fields bulldozed.

The waterfront park is a particularly nice refinement.

I met my client in a shining new building to which this is the lobby. As you can see, there is not a human being in site, just a disembodied voice asking my business and a tasteful intercom with which to give answer.

View from above. Not really my style, but very impressive in its way.

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