Monday, April 29, 2013

Rapping the Tea Shop Life

Just another amusing aside on the multicultural mishmash that is contemporary America, from the Asian-majority suburbs of eastern Los Angeles County:
There are countless stores that display signs in Mandarin, sell restaurant supplies and Chinese herbs, or advertise acupuncture or brokerage services. But perhaps the most common storefront is the boba tea shop, where young patrons spend hours drinking cold milk tea with jellylike tapioca balls. Nearly every one of the region’s hundreds of strip malls boasts a cafe — or even two — offering a dizzying number of variations on the sweet drink.

Andrew and David Fung, who grew up in Seattle, were surprised to see the pervasiveness of Chinese and Taiwanese culture in the San Gabriel Valley.

After moving to the area a couple of years ago to try to break into the entertainment industry, the Fung brothers created several hip-hop videos celebrating what they termed the “boba life,” to embrace the area where, as their lyrics explain, “kids drink more milk tea than liquor.” The videos became so wildly popular on the Internet that local leaders began showing them in official meetings.
There are now more Asian immigrants in California than Hispanics. And some of them rap about it.

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Mary Rose said...

Bubble tea is so common here, lots of students head to North Hampton or Amherst to get their bubble tea fix and there's even a service that delivers it to the dorms!