Wednesday, July 12, 2017

America Goes Rogue

Reading a bit in the swirl of speculation surrounding recent White House leaks, I discovered the existence of a Twitter account with the handle "Rogue POTUS Staff." Serious reporters clearly read this account, although they cite it only with many caveats. And this isn't the only such account; we also have the Rogue Ranger claiming to offer the inside scoop on the National Park Service, the Rogue Diplomat who tweets as "State of Resistance," and probably more I haven't heard of.

It struck me that these accounts perfectly sum up our current political situation. They all assert that the main locus of resistance to Trump is within his own government, even within his own White House. Yet nobody knows who writes them; for all we know the authors could be clever news buffs in Schenectady. Nobody dares to believe them, but people who care feel like they have to follow them anyway. It's all masks over masks, conflicting claims about truth or even reality, and confusion.

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