Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What's New?

Hyper-individualized citizen of the modern meritocracy that I am, I hate having nothing new to report about my life. Anything but a boring rut. Rod Dreher overheard a conversation in Louisiana that suggests a different possible approach to life:
“Anything new?” she asked.

“No ma’am,” he said. “Just another year older.”

“Another blessing!” she replied.


G. Verloren said...

No news is good news.

In the same vein of thought as your arguments against action for the sake of action and the often preferrable choice of intentional inaction, so too is there a certain unglamorous appeal to not having anything to report. People in general put too little value on the mundane, and gravitate towards extremes in a way I find troubling.

Karl Breslaw said...

Philosophy according to Karl:
"Feet hit the floor this morning means I'm doing good"
"I can have fun in bed. If I'm going to get out of bed I'm going to have fun"
The second to the asinine question, Are we having fun yet?