Saturday, February 17, 2018

Portsmouth in Gray

Spent some time Friday afternoon exploring Portsmouth, New Hampshire on an iron gray winter afternoon. St. John's Episcopal Church, 1807, viewed from my parking spot.

Crypts in the cemetery wall.

Street views.

One of the greatest bourgeois-bohemian firm names, Whole Wealth Management.

The old town has an amazing number of colonial houses, so many that some are decaying from want of attention. Here is one of the best-maintained, the Tobias Langdon House, 1710.

Lych gate to a little cemetery by the water.

Cemetery views.

Wentworth-Gardner House, 1760, said by some aesthete or another to be the most perfect Georgian house in America.

Tobias Lear House, c. 1750.

View across the Piscataqua River to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

The old Naval prison, built to house prisoners in the Spanish-American War, abandoned since 1974.

Sherburne House, 1695.

It was a splendid walk despite the clouds and the chill.

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