Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baltimore Herb Festival

Today Lisa and I took Ben and Clara to the Baltimore Herb Festival, where we met Lisa's sister Marni, her husband Dave, and their toddler Augie. We used to go to the festival every year, when Robert and Mary were little, but we haven't been in three or four years. We did the herb festival things: sucked on lemon sticks, wandered around looking at beautiful plants, bought a few herbs and flowers, listened to bluegrass music, and looked at the rescued animals they bring out for the occasion: this year, a red-tailed hawk and a barn owl, plus an assortment of snakes and turtles. Ben was fascinated by the carnivorous plants for sale, and I will have to read him a book from the library.

Clara in the wagon with our purchases.

Ben, Clara and me resting under a tree.

Then we rode the little steam trains around Leakin Park. These are operated by a bunch of amateur railroad buffs who call themselves the Chesapeake and Allegheny Steam Preservation Society. All men, of course, and Lisa and I cracked up when we say half a dozen women sitting around together under a tree: train widows. Ben and Clara loved the train ride, and I liked it, too.

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