Sunday, March 1, 2015

Christine Sefolosha

Christine Sefolosha is a German-Swiss artist married to a black South African musician. She was born in 1955. She is self taught, with no art school degrees, and likes to appear at "Outsider Art" shows. Above, We Will All Go.

Her works has a vaguely African feel, but maybe more it has the sort of international, Third World, semi-westernized, semi-animistic feel. One critic said this:
Christine Sefolosha’s work evokes myth, metaphor, and ancient stories, casting her as griot of her own timeless tribe.
Above, Trolls, 2014.

Sefolosha calls her works "paintings," but some web sites refer to them as "mixed media assemblages" because she uses "everything from tar to dirt." L'Enlevement.


Purple Dancer. Article on Sefolosha at the Huffington Post. Lots more pictures at her web site.

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