Saturday, May 11, 2024

The Danville Adventure, Conclusion

Finished out the fieldwork near Danville Friday afternoon and then drove home to Baltimore. The week was exhausting and physically rough but worth it. Above is an oak tree growing near one of our house sites. You can see how much older it is than the forest around it.

This impressive stone chimney looks quite old, certainly pre-Civil War. We suspect this was the home of a plantation overseer.

I tried to take a picture of this amazing little swamp every time I walked by, but none of them really came out. It was quite sublime.

Black rat snake in a recently logged area.

As I have said, the loggers mostly stayed away from the old house sites. But the first archaeological survey missed this tobacco barn foundation, which was a good two hundred yards from the house it probably belonged to. You can see the crumbled brick remnants of the hearth.

Two different signs of severely disturbed areas: subsoil that should be a foot deep exposed on the surface, and hummocks left by loggers in a forest.

Vultures nested in the top floor of this house earlier this year.

Collapsed 20th-century tobacco barn, built with wire nails and 2x4s.

Here I am at the old mill site I wrote about in Part I.

What an adventure it was.

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