Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lost Cities

A list of lost cities, including some obscure ones (to me, anyway) like this fortress of the south Indian Vijayanagara Empire.


Katya said...

Vijayanagara--here's where I have to sigh and say "I've been there, and what a pleasure it would be to go back." There are these marvellous little temples or outposts silhouetted against the sky all around. Stunningly beautiful.

The most spiritually evocative and kind place of my three+ week visit to India.

John said...

Do you have any pictures?

Katya said...

I do, but they're pre-digital. If you are *very* interested, I could scan in one or two for you--if googling for images of Vijayanagara or Hampi (as the site is currently known) are insufficient.

It's funny--the big image is this huge stone cart with wheels. For me, it was the isolated temples, the banana plantation that splits the site in half, and the temples overlooking the river that were the most impressive, visually,