Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dark Candles

Candles for Goths -- "light for those who prefer the dark" -- available in scents like:


Isn't an apparition something you see, not something you smell?

Arachne's Garden

This one is described as "A mysterious floral garden with some dewey spiderwebs thrown in..."

What do dewey spider webs smell like?

Black Rose

"The rarest of florals, a fragrant bouquet of black roses with a subtle yet haunting dark..." Ah, the scent of dark!


Dirt and rotting flesh? Or does it smell like a new coffin, still at the funeral home? Is there a new coffin scent, that they spray in, like new car scent?

Crypt Moss

This one leaves me at a complete loss.


Suddenly I understand the secret of his appeal: he smells so good!

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