Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eyjafjallajokull and Me

Under normal circumstances I would be enjoying the eruption of the "island mountain glacier" volcano, despite being disappointed over the prosaic meaning of its magnificent name, but it has become a bit personal. See, Lisa and I have tickets to fly to Scotland on Tuesday night. We are planning a week-long adventure away from our children (thanks Carole!), paid for by the check that came with my corporate excellence award. This looks increasingly unlikely. At the moment Heathrow is closed until early Monday morning, and an Icelandic geologist just told the AP that activity at the volcano is increasing.

Funny, I don't feel particularly agitated. I mean, it's a volcano; what can I do about it? So I will get ready for our trip, hope for the best, remind myself that if we don't go this week, we will go some other time, and in the meantime enjoy the cachet of having had my vacation canceled by a volcanic eruption.

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